The Duck Ages Slot Review

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The NuWorks casino software offers a new and exciting game called The Duck Ages. The Duck Ages is a 5 reel 25 payline video bonus slot machine that offers wilds, scatters, pyramid progressive jackpot and The Duck Age Bonus Feature. This game delivers tons of nonstop entertainment and big prize awards, and best of all can be played at a USA Online Casino.

The Duck Ages if filled with Knights, Princess Duck, King and Queen Ducks, Golden Eggs, Maidens, Castles, Coats of Armor, Scrolls and Bags of Gold. Choose between multiple coin denominations to play the game with from 0.01-1.00 per line. The paylines can be adjusted anywhere from 1 to the max of 25.

Wilds, Features and Jackpots

White and Black Knights are wild only appearing on the middle three reels. They will substitute for all other symbols to create winning combinations. The Knights double all wins when they complete a winning payline.

There are two free spin features that can be won playing The Duck Ages slot. The first one is the re-spin feature when three of the same White of Black Knights are on the middle three reels. The three reels are held in place while the other two re-spin 10 times.

The second feature awards up to 125 free games when three or more scattered Duck Ages logo appears anywhere on the reels. All wins will be doubled if the Knights appear grouped on the reels during the free games adding to the pay wins making the feature a profitable one. The free games can be retriggered if the scatters appear during the free games.

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The game has a top payout of 5,000 coins when you hit five Maidens together with the White Knight symbols on an active payline. The King Duck pays out 1,000 coins and 500 for landing all five Queens.

The Duck Ages also has a Pyramid Jackpot where you can win one of 5 progressive jackpots. At the beginning of every spin you have the option to place a small wager on the Pyramid bet to activate the jackpot.

If you trigger the Jackpot Pyramid game you will need to choose one of the gold vaults that holds a hidden idol. Behind each idol are different colors such as gold, green and red.

Depending on the color of the idol you can moved up to a higher level on the pyramid. The top level is the grand prize award. Additional bonus prize amounts can be won as well up to 500x your bet.


While you adventure back to medieval times with the Duck Ages slot you will be amazed with the outstanding graphics, two different bonus features, progressive jackpots and a story line that tells an amusing tale. Visit Buzzluck Casino today to discover the hidden idols, and land one of the 5 progressive jackpots.

Luck and wits for a more secure betting

Luck is something that we always need in life. But when it comes to the luck in the slot gambling industry we can use our wits a bit, to at least influence luck a bit. For example in my town there is a small casino and there are certain times when the roulette machine gives a 0, and there are certain times where the machine gives a 9 or 11.

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The thing is you cannot not 100% sure, but there is a chance in the next 10 minutes that it will give those numbers. I actually won more times then lost just by pure luck, by getting there 1 minute before the ball was shoot out and the whole thing started to spin.

For the 0, 3pm was the perfect time and from 3pm till 3:20 pm there always was a 0. As said I got lucky a few times entering at 3:05pm and 3:19 pm betting all my money on 0 and going away with a pocket full of cash.

The important thing is to start slow, not just go in there and lose all your money. Try it out with the smallest bid and after a week you will see that some numbers come on around the same time each day.

When you can narrow down the time on when they will appear you will be able to put a safer bet on the table with a higher chance of winning than you had without the knowledge.

Luck is indeed important but I can never stress out the importance of the right timing and the right strategy, without it you are just going in and will lose your money in 9 out of 10 cases.