Gambling as a Business

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It now seems ages since the first gambling video games were released, decades ago. It would be an understatement to say that we’ve moved far along the road of visual effects and video game complexity.

Way back when, the two tanks would move in two dimensions and try to shoot each other down in order to win. Nowadays, the goals tend to go from gaining a high-enough level for your character, so that he or she (or whatever else) can raid that dangerous dungeon for completing a high-level quest, to investigating a murder case by looking for clues and connecting the dots.

casino gaming Of course, video games haven’t only changed in design, complexity and storylines. Nowadays, people are looking to earn cash by either engaging numerous competitions, or selling their profiles and characters.

In a way, gaming has turned into a kind of a sport, where players compete against each other on numerous tournaments. In most cases, teamwork is the name of the game and this is where tactics surface. So why shouldn’t it be branded a professional sport? Little or no physical effort involved? Think pool, or golf, in that case.

There’s a growing number of instances where young adults of today earn their wages by engaging in competitions annually, monthly, sometimes even on a weekly basis. The Millennials can earn up to as much as $3000 to $10,000 a month, by simply doing what they like.

Over the course of his five-year career, Chen Zhihao has earned $1.1 million! Regretting telling your kids to turn off their gambling consoles and go out and play yet, parents?

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A professional player, best known by the pseudonym Kripparian is so aware that he’s good at what he does, that he now earns money on YouTube by making educational gaming videos.

gamingThere’s a list on the casino gaming site, which contains information on who has earned the most hard cash during the current day, week or month, so this should provide insight into how entertainment can earn you money.

However, going pro in terms of gambing requires sacrifice, dedication and, perhaps most of all, talent. In addition, remaining cold-headed during a match is the key towards success, so one needs to exercise a ton of emotion control, while maintaining concentration. Daily practice, for hours on end goes without saying, which can sometimes even turn into days on end.

Competitions are not the only way to earn, however. MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Gambling) have introduced selling accounts, profiles and characters once they’re all leveled-up and equipped, to those that are impatient or simply too busy to work their way up in the gaming universe in question.

Some people earn as much as up to $100,000 a year by selling characters in the popular World of Warcraft, with the biggest sell amounting to a figure, just a little bit shy of $10,000!

Nowadays, playing video games is a way to make a living. In essence, it is a career choice, and it’s far from merely making ends meet. If you’re talented enough, why shouldn’t you use your skills to turn fun into money? That is the best way to make a living, isn’t it?

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