Stu Ungar – The Gambling Poker Genius

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Stu Ungar is a legend in the poker world because he was the best poker player according to many players. This player has a well-deserved reputation as a gin rummy player. Stu Unger passed away in 1998. His personal problems consumed a great poker talent, but each real poker gambling admirer will not forget about this person, because he showed the world that everything is possible.

In 1953 in New York City, Stu Ungar was born. He spent his childhood in Lower East Side. There he became a professional gambler, although he was just 14 years old.

But the incredible history of Stu Ungar had started before, at the age of 10, when he won the gin rummy tournament in the Catskill Mountain Resort. It seems that gambling was in the blood of this boy.

Some years later, this player was so experienced that he beat even the best poker players in New Your without any problems. Like most of the famous poker players, Stu left his education. He had luck, because one bookie agreed to pay the buy-in for several tournaments.

stu ungar pokerLater, Stu Ungar went to Miami, where he reached some nice achievements, and then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, he made a stupid mistake, predicting the bad cards of one player.

After this incident no one wanted to play against him because people were afraid of his skills. Another accident took place at Ceasars Palace. In that time, Stu used to play blackjack, but the scene is really remarkable.

Stu won the big cash prize ($83,000) but the manager refused to give him the money. When the player used again his skills in order to provoke the manager. He make a preposition for the last cards in the deck. In view of the fact that his forecast was correct there was a scandal and the future of the single table blackjack tournaments was in danger.

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At the age of 24, Stu took part in his first world poker championship. When he won the main event of World Series of Poker, he became the youngest champion (nowadays, this title belongs to Joe Cada).

He won this exciting poker tournament on the next year, too. It is true that the incredible memory of this player helped him very much. In 1990 something unpleasant happened – on the third day of the WSOP tournament, Stu was found unconscious in his hotel room.

Despite his absence he finished 9th. Unfortunately, his addiction to drugs was seriously harming his health.

stu ungarOn another World Series of Poker gambling tournament in 1997, Stu didn’t have enough money to enter the major live competitions, but something strange occurred.

An anonymous person paid the buy-in and Stu had the opportunity to show that he was still a great poker player. In fact, this legendary player won 10 No Limit Texas Holdem tournaments out of 30! I think that this is a huge success.

I am sure that those people who love the gambling of poker, along with the famous poker players will always remember November, 22. On this day Stu Ungar was found dead in his motel room in Las Vegas. When the toxicology tests were ready, it was clear that he took cocaine, Percodan, and a cocktail of other drugs.

Stu Ungar will always be a legend of poker. His ambition, his courage and his memory made him the best player ever.

I hope that all the gamblers will have something to learn from Stu, because he was a great example of what your life should be, as well as what it should not be.

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