4 ways to keep winning at BlackJack

4 ways to keep winning at BlackJack

4 ways to keep winning at BlackJack- Here are tips and tricks to play BlackJack. And win consistently in blackjack game on your android mobile. Blackjack card game is very popular abroad and Indonesian players are finally starting to like this type of blackjack game.

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Black Jack card game is actually similar to the Indonesian version of Samgong, especially Javanese, of course they are no stranger to this Samgong card game. Well… the difference between BlackJack and Samgong games is the sum of the winnings. If in Samgong the highest winning score is 30 points. Then in this blackjack game the highest score is 21.

In this Blackjack card game, players do not need to keep track of other players’ hand values ​​or beat them. What you beat is just a random card. So all Black Jack players have played Blandar, if it is higher.

4 ways to keep winning at BlackJack

This Blackjack game is played with 52 cards. Where each player is dealt 2 cards and then has to find the highest card, namely 21 (Blackjack) and Beat the Dumb/Dealer card.

Usually in foreign countries, this type of blackjack game is designed for gambling, but in Indonesia. Games like this are usually used just for fun and casual. Even now, there are many blackjack game apps on the playstore that you can play for free, gays.

Rules and how to play blackjack online

Each type of card game definitely has different rules and ways of playing and of course, it must be followed to make it a fair game. Here are the rules and how to play Blackjack :

  • Players usually consist of 4-9 players and have 1 bland player
  • All players are dealt 2 cards to find the highest number, which is 21 (BlackJack).
  • Players can take cards from drinks or from the remaining deck, if possible the point value of 2 cards is considered to have less or less than 21 points.
  • The number 1 can be the number 11 or it can be the number 1 point and the numbers 10, J, Q, K all have 10 points
    Players find good cards, if they feel bad cards can ask for more cards, good cards can pass.
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